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Ryan Curtis
Founder of @TheClub

"1PUTT is a fantastic innovation. The big thing for me is breaking down the barriers to golf and changing the image that it's a stuffy boring game. The one thing I would say was my girlfriend who would be worried about what she was wearing or what people thought of her said after the game 'let's do that again, it was fun'... That should tell you everything you need to know, great fun for everyone!"

James Heath

European Tour Pro

"1PUTT are bringing a fresh energy and environment to golf which is perfect for inspiring more to play the game. The bigger holes made for some exciting action in the shootout and is a great way to encourage aggressive golf and a faster pace of play."


Ellen Miles
Beginner Golfer

"I’d long felt far too intimidated to graduate from mini golf to the real deal — as a beginner I felt like a total outsider to the elite world of golf clubs.

1Putt’s informal vibe and team format took away all the pressures of not being a pro and put the focus back on FUN. It has brought golf into the 21st century, dusted off its image and thrown it a party.

Whether you can hit a birdie or don’t know what that means, it’s impossible not to have a blast, and I’ll be dragging everyone I know along very soon."

Jack Ryder-Smith
Golf Influencer (@golf.views)

Handicap 6

"1PUTT have created a unique event that makes golf more fun, friendly and accessible. My team had an awesome day relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere whilst also playing some good golf. The big holes added drama to every green and we even holed a few! I highly recommend you and your friends check it out!"


Nick Compton
Ex-England Cricketer

“What a great concept, we loved our day. 1PUTT is making golf more accessible which is something all sports can learn from. It’s the perfect balance for someone looking to have a serious game with someone who doesn't play as much.”

David Harris
Manager, Redlibbets Golf Club &

PGA Professional

“We hosted 1PUTT at Redlibbets in April 2018 and thought the event was incredible! It was a little different to the normal golf day that you attend but after speaking to all the players involved we soon found out that everyone loved the day, the competitions, the atmosphere and the course. We understand that golf is evolving and 1PUTT certainly help that process and bring more people into the game while having fun, Redlibbets WILL be hosting another event here in the future!”


Robin Matthew Williams
Golf Influencer & Coach (@robinmatthewwilliams)

"1PUTT is everything golf is missing"